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Indian Born Jailed For 24 Years In Glasgow For Butchering Friend's Nepali Wife

PTI 17 Jan 2010, 11:41:04 AM IST

Indian-born 30-year-old Roshan Dantis  strangled his briend's Nepali wife  Khusbu Shah, 23, at her flat in Galsgow, then butchered her body with a meat cleaver and dumped her chopped-up remains.  A court on Tuesday sent him to 24 years in jail for the barbaric murder, reports The Mail.
The man, dubbed in British media as  "The Devil Bones killer" cam up with the cold-blodded plot in a bid to extort £120,000 from her husband Nagendra in a fake kidnap scam.

His trial heard how he copied the gruesome killings in the best-selling Kathy Reichs novel Devil Bones - in which victims were either decapitated or had limbs severed.

The court heard Dantis - who moved to the UK with his wife Astrid - befriended trusting Nagendra in 2008 when they were both studying for a business Masters degree at Strathclyde University.

But hard-up Dantis soon grew jealous of the Shahs' perceived wealth  and thus killed Khusbu, disposed of her body and then pretended to be her kidnapper and demanded a ransom of £120,000.

Hours after he slaughtered Khusbu, Dantis used her phone to send a text to distraught Nagendra which read: "We have ur wife.  Don't call police, we are watchin u. If anyone is told we will kill her and u. Call ur fat Indian classmate home and sell ur TV to him 300 pounds."

It went on: "Arrange for 120000 pounds and go immediately first train to London. No compromise or u all die."

A frantic Nagendra immediately went to his friend Dantis for help

After Dantis was found guilty of murder at the High Court in Glasgow , grieving Nagendra, 32, said: "He deserves a life sentence for his heinous crime. Roshan Dantis has been found guilty of murdering my beautiful wife in the most terrible and terrifying way.  We miss everything about her and we always will.  My four-year-old son Nikhil has had to cremate his 23-year-old mum. I wish no other child to have to go through the same pain."

He told the trial how he and Dantis had become "very close" and he would often confide in him.  But the calculating killer repeatedly told his pal not to go the police and agree to the demands.

Nagendra told the trial: "I was scared, terrified."  Two days later, Nagendra was sent another text from the 'kidnappers'.

It read: "This is our final msg. We give up searchin for u and follow ur friend. U will not hr from us again."

But Dantis was snared when tragic Khusbu's remains were found in two separate locations in the city.

His DNA was discovered on the holdall containing her torso and on the meat cleaver - which was dumped elsewhere in bushes along with other body parts.

Cops discovered lists on his PC - which prosecutors claimed was him "costing out" the murder.  This included him detailing the purchase of a "murder kit" including a meat cleaver, holdalls, balaclava and cleaning solutions.

He also borrowed books from the library - including Devil Bones and another on murders, pathology and forensic detection.

Dantis was also caught on CCTV buying holdalls from a store days before the bloodbath slaying.

Despite the weight of evidence against him, Dantis tried to claim during his trial that a mystery gunman ordered him to the Shahs' flat to remove the body.

But a jury on Tuesday found him guilty of the murder in Dennistoun, Glasgow, in June last year.

He was also convicted of attempting to defeat the ends of justice and attempted extortion at the end of the month-long trial.

Judge Lord Pentland said: "This was a vicious and cold-blooded murder. Khusbu Shah was a vibrant and loving young mother whose husband was one of your best friends. You planned this crime well in advance and put these plans into effect with chilling composure."

The judge also recommended Dantis be deported on release.