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1,200 Chinese evacuated to Baghdad from war-hit city

IANS 28 Jun 2014, 6:49:31 IST
Beijing: Over 1,200 employees of a Chinese company have been evacuated from the war-torn Iraqi city of Samarra and moved to Baghdad, the Chinese government said Friday.

The workers belong to the China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC) that is constructing a power plant in Iraq's Salahudin province. They were trapped in Samarra, some 120 km from Baghdad, Xinhua quoted foreign ministry's spokesperson Qin Gang as saying.

They received assistance from the Chinese embassy and the Iraqi government and military during evacuation process, Qin said.

"In the process of evacuation, the Iraqi side has come up with great support and assistance, on which the Chinese side has been grateful," Qin said.

He said the Chinese embassy in Iraq have maintained close contact with the Iraqi side to ensure the evacuation of Chinese people safely and orderly.

"We will continue to closely watch the development of situation in Iraq and promptly adopt corresponding measures to fully ensure the safety of Chinese personnel and enterprises in the country," Qin said.

There are about 10,000 Chinese workers in Iraq. Most of them are now in areas where the security situation is under control.