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ISI Man Who Died In Delhi Is Martyr On Pak Army Website

PTI 14 Dec 2010, 10:26:47 IST
An unusual entry appeared on the Pakistani Army website on Monday, claiming that an ISI agent who was on a “suicide attack” operation died in a New Delhi hospital on November 16, 2007, reports Indian Express.

The cryptic entry surfaced in the same ‘Shuhada's (Martyrs') Corner' of the Pak Army website (www.pakistanarmy.gov.pk) which had revealed the list of Pakistan's dead in the Kargil operation.

The entry, one of 15,181 entries containing details of killed Pakistani Army personnel, names the operative as Zulfiqar Ahmed. His ‘Army No.' has been listed as 1726016, his rank as Naik, his ‘Arm/Service' as ‘Engrs', and his ‘Formation/Unit' as ‘HQ 30 Corps/Dte Gen ISI'.

His operation has been listed as ‘Suicide Attack' and his ‘Date of Shahadat as ‘16 November 2007'. According to the entry, which also has a picture, the operative died of kidney failure and acute respiratory infection at Ganga Ram Hospital in New Delhi.

There was no suicide attack in Delhi or in nearby areas on or around November 16, 2007. It is possible, however, that the agent ISI man on Delhi ‘suicide op' is martyr on Pak Army's website was arrested or captured and brought to the hospital for treatment. The last major terror attack in India before November 16, 2007 were the Lumbini Park and Gokul Chat bombings in Hyderabad on August 25, in which 42 people were killed.

It seems hard to believe that the Pakistani Army would admit to sending suicide attackers to India. But if the entry is genuine, it would be the first official confirmation that the ISI sends its agents to operate inside India.

ISI man on Delhi ‘suicide op' is martyr on Pak Army's website

Ahmed's native place has been listed as Bhimber in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK), incidentally an area that is notorious as an infiltration point used by terrorists to enter India.

The martyr's section lists 25 ISI operatives, with varying causes of death. Besides Zulfiqar Ahmed, there is one more record of an ISI agent being killed in India — one Lance Naik Abdul Ghani who died during ‘FD Duty in India' in May 1973.

A number of Pakistani soldiers have been listed as having been killed in suicide attacks. An unusual entry is that of a soldier called Wajid Ali, who died in a road accident in June 2008, but has been listed under the operation ‘Suicide Attack'.

As The Indian Express reported on November 17, Pakistan officially acknowledged for the first time that its regular soldiers participated in the Kargil War by making their names public. Names of hundreds of soldiers — a majority of them from the Northern Light Infantry (NLI) — were put up in the Shuhada's Corner of the website.