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Pak asks Karachi citizens to carry National Identity Cards

PTI 21 Apr 2015, 12:03:47 PM IST

Karachi: Citizens of Karachi have been asked to carry their National Identity Cards with them all the time or face detention, amid fear that militants have taken refuge in Pakistan's financial capital after fleeing the ongoing military offensive.

"Citizens of Karachi are directed to carry their original National Identity Cards (NIC) with them at all the time. Anyone found without NIC during checking can be detained for questioning," a Rangers spokesman said late last night.

"Photocopy of the NIC cards will also not be acceptable," he said.

While the law enforcement agencies were doing their best to clean up Karachi, the citizens also needed to support them, he added.

"There is a fear that many of the militants have taken refuge in Karachi and other urban places after fleeing the military operation going on in the tribal areas," according to a source.

The latest move by the Rangers was aimed at rooting out foreign nationals and illegal immigrants who have either made fake NICs or are staying in the city illegally, sources said.

In recent days, the Rangers and police have killed and arrested some militants of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan who were hiding out in safe houses in Karachi for getting medical treatment after being injured in drone attacks in the restive tribal areas.

Pakistani forces last year launched a full-scale military offensive against Taliban and other militants in restive areas including North Waziristan and Khyber tribal districts.

Country's largest city and financial hub Karachi is said to accommodate the largest population of illegal immigrants or refugees from Bangladesh, Afghanistan and some other countries including the African continent.