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#NepalDevastated: Know how Baba Ramdev's health camp turned into relief camp

India TV News Desk 27 Apr 2015, 19:18:58 PM IST
India TV News Desk

Kathmandu: Yoga guru Baba Ramdev who is in Nepal on a health awareness campaign has said that  his camp has been converted to a relief camp after the 7.9 richter scale earthquake struck the Himalayan nation on 25th April.

Baba Ramdev while speaking to a news agency said "We had organised a health camp, but it has become a life saving camp. We have converted our health camp into a relief camp to serve people affected because of the earthquake.

We have tried to accommodate as many people as possible, around 30 percent of people here are from India... We have arranged for a blood donation camp to help the injured. We have decided to adopt those children who have become orphans due to the earthquake,".

"I have seen lot of destruction since yesterday. The dais on which i was addressing, collapsed a minute after I left due to the earthquake. I think that I was saved to serve people," he added.

Baba Ramdev had earlier on Saturday claimed that he had a narrow escape from death after the dais from which he was addressing a gathering in Kathmandu, collapsed right after he got down from the stage due to the earthquake.

The death toll due to the massive earthquake, with a magnitude of 7.9 on the Richter Scale, which hit Nepal has reached 3700 while over 5000 have been reported to be injured.

“Patanjali Yogpeeth in Nepal has started all possible emergency and relief operation through doctors and volunteers.  Cooking of food for people assembled in the ground has begun on massive scale,” the statement added.  Ramdev expressed solidarity with the people of Nepal in this tough time.