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Know some weird laws of Switzerland

India TV News Desk 01 Oct 2015, 7:39:48 AM IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: You may find difficulty in deciding whether to laugh or admire after knowing about these bizarre laws of Switzerland.

India TV brings to you 6 weird laws of Switzerland:

1. What will you do to relieve yourself when you are left with not a single drop of water in a bathroom! And what will be your reaction when you come to know that your water tank on the roof is full of water but you can't use the flush button in bathroom after 10 pm. Yes, it may sound wired but in Switzerland this is a law, using flush button after 10 pm in your bathroom is illegal. You may be fined for using flush button after10 pm.

2. Homes in Switzerland must have or access to a nuclear bunker. The law, introduced in 1963, was designed with a motive of protecting people against the security threats of the Cold War. Swiss authorizes believe this ensures protection to all its citizens against a nuclear attack.

3. A local Swill law prohibits its citizen from washing car on Sunday in their driveway. The law bans the use of a power washer altogether because the use of detergent will pollute the ground water and the environment as well. However, washing a car in a car-wash on Sunday is no problem.

4. Mowing your lawn on a Sunday is considered as an offence because doing such causes too much noise.

5. It is against the law to hang your clothes outside on Sunday. Before hanging clothes on a clothesline, a license must be purchased.

6. You will be punished if you forget your car-keys inside the car and leave the doors unlocked.