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Liberia's Ebola toll rises to 268

IANS 06 Aug 2014, 8:04:40 AM IST
Monrovia: The Ebola virus has killed 268 people in Liberia including 37 healthcare workers, Assistant Health Minister for Preventive Services Tolbert Nyenswah said on Tuesday.

Nurses and health workers have abandoned most health facilities in the country, Xinhua reported, adding that in the capital city of Monrovia a dead body is found on the streets almost everyday.

Ebola, which spreads through mucous and other body fluid or secretions such as stool, urine, saliva and semen of infected people, is believed to be very difficult to control.

Altogether 1,603 infections and 887 deaths have been recorded in the Ebola hit countries of Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone, the World Health Organisation said on Monday.