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Man faked kidnapping as he wanted to party without girlfriend

India TV News Desk 26 Aug 2014, 12:27:27 PM IST
India TV News Desk
New Delhi: Men will be Men; the following incident will prove this phrase true. Many men tell stupid lies to their girlfriends some end-up successfully whereas some end-up in jail. A man faked his own kidnapping to his girlfriend as he wanted to party without his girlfriend.

A British man was fined after he called texted his girlfriend saying he'd been kidnapped over a debt equivalent to $82. He said he told the lie so he could continue to stay out partying.

The issue is that his girlfriend took the claim seriously and called police.

"one of the most foolish and irresponsible incidents" ever encountered by the department, said and official.

The man's friend was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping but then released after his buddy confessed to the ruse.

Although it seems like a terrible excuse, other people have used kidnapping to ineptly conceal a night of partying from their significant others.

"Considerable resources and time then went into finding this man, who it transpires made the entire thing up so he could stay out and party," Detective Inspector Jo Clawson for the Greater Manchester Police told Sky News.

CCTV footage revealed that the 32-year-old man was close to his home found the police.