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Motorists pull two women from a burning car in US

India TV News Desk 18 Aug 2012, 14:43:26 IST
India TV News Desk
Hancock County, Mississippi, Aug 16: When a sport utility vehicle (SUV) ran off a rural stretch of interstate and slammed into pine trees in Mississippi, nearly two dozen people rushed to help two sisters who were trapped inside the burning car.

Among them was AP photographer Gerald Herbert, who was on his  way to Biloxi for an assignment.

“I pulled over to see what was going on and I saw a car smashed into the trees involved in flames with somebody trapped inside,” Herbert said.

Herbert arrived just after other volunteers were able to pull the passenger, 39-year-old Felicidad De Monte, from the SUV, along with her wheelchair.

Her younger sister, Giovanna De Monte, was still inside.

“I ran out out onto the highway where all the traffic was stopped and I ran amongst the cars to all the 18-wheelers and I marshalled them onto the shoulder, because I know 18-wheelers carry fire extinguishers,” Herbert said.

While he was directing the trucks down the shoulder, a cement mixer truck arrived.

The truck carried a hose and water on board.

“The cement mixer's hose actually kept the fire at bay and kept the water on her so that she would be saved,” Herbert said.

Others used crowbars to help pry open the car's jammed door and the other helpers were finally able to pull the woman to safety.

“It was truly a magnificent sight to see and be a part of all of these heroes,” Herbert said.

The De Montes were still in hospital on Friday.

Giovanna De Monte was in critical condition and her sister, who was pulled from the car with her wheelchair almost immediately, was in good condition.