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Muscat n-talks may not reach agreement: Iran

IANS 09 Nov 2014, 6:14:08 AM IST

Tehran: The upcoming nuclear talks between Iran and the world's major powers are not likely to result in an agreement, Iran's senior nuclear negotiator Abbas Arachi said on Saturday.

Asked about the possibility of an agreement in the imminent nuclear talks in Muscat of Oman, Arachi said, "I don't think we will reach an agreement in this round of talks. It is possible that we will need other meeting sessions", Xinhua reported.

However, reaching a final deal with powers over Iran's nuclear issue is "not difficult" before the Nov 24 deadline, Araqchi said.

"We are serious over a comprehensive nuclear agreement, and we also witness the same seriousness in the other side (the P5Ư group). Both of us are after agreement and it is within reach and not very difficult to clinch."

The P5Ư group of Britain, China, France, Russia, the US plus Germany "should abandon the illusion" that Iran is after nuclear arms, and they are better to have a "realistic look" at the nuclear programme of the Islamic republic, Araqchi was quoted as saying.

If the other party realises realities and shows goodwill, reaching a "nuclear deal will be very close", he said.

He expressed optimism that Muscat meeting will provide a chance to end the current status and "open the way" for a final agreement.