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Narendra Modi proposes joint sporting events, common tourism packages

PTI 16 Jun 2014, 23:50:26 PM IST
Thimphu: India and Bhutan should have joint sporting events, joint studies of Himalayas and common tourism package programmes, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today.

These were some of the proposals floated by Modi during his two-day visit here.

“People say Himalayas divide, but I see it differently. I feel Himalayas unite. It is a symbol of shared legacy,” he said while addressing the joint session of Parliament here.He said the demand of time is that there should be a joint research on the Himalayas.

For this, he proposed setting up of a university on Himalayan studies, saying it will benefit both the countries who are determined to fight climate change.

The Prime Minister also proposed that Bhutan and all the Himalayan states of India, particularly North Eastern states, should organise joint sports events as sports is a means of uniting.

The government of India will think about it, so shall the states concerned, he said.
Proposing cooperation in tourism, Modi said, he said the two countries can jointly make holistic plans in this sector.

“Terrorism divides, tourism unites,” he said, while suggesting common circuit package tourism, particularly between the NE states and Bhutan.  He also suggested that Bhutanese people should learn Hindi and use space technology of India.