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Nawaz Sharif calls for peace during talks with PM Modi

PTI 16 Jun 2015, 23:30:09 IST

Islamabad: Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif today said that India and Pakistan must put aside differences and work for peace so that the people of the two countries “remember their leaders in good words.”

During a telephonic conversation with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Sharif said: “Pakistan and India should put wars and differences behind and should go for peace so that people of the two countries should remember their leaders in good words.”

“Being neighbours, Pakistan and India should live in peace and not allow the bilateral difference to become a hurdle for it,” Sharid said, according to a statement in Urdu by Pakistan Prime Minister's Office.

Sharif said that being national leaders it was their shared responsibility to seek welfare of their nations.  

“Leaders of nations are like heads of their respective families who help their family members to stay clear of disputes for the sake of a peaceful life. They protect the families from troubles and for them the welfare of the family members is always supreme,” Sharif said.  

Modi today called up Sharif and extended best wishes on the occasion of Ramzan while stressing the need for having “peaceful” and “friendly” bilateral ties amid a war of words between the two countries.

Pakistan and India had been involved in a war of words recently with leaders from both sides exchanging sharp comments after Modi's remarks about Pakistan during his Dhaka visit and in the wake of India's military action in Myanmar.  

Sharif had last week attacked the “irresponsible and imprudent” statements from the Indian political leadership and had vowed to protect his country's “vital interests at all costs”.