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New Mossad Chief Takes Over

PTI 01 Dec 2010, 13:01:03 IST
Jerusalem, Dec 1 : Israel's newly appointed director for the secretive Mossad spy agency made a brief appearance outside his home Tuesday, a day after the Prime Minister announced his intention to offer him the job.

Tamir Pardo briefly spoke to reporters before disappearing inside away from the press on his doorstep.

Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday he wanted to appoint Tamir Pardo as head of the agency.

Members of press asking how he feels, Pardo answers:

A: "I don't want to be interviewed, there will be enough time in the future".

Q: "How do you feel?"

A: "Its a good feeling"

Q: "Is this a vote of confidence?"

A: "Of course"

Q: "What are your plans."

A: "I haven't decided we will see"

Q: "How did your family react?"

A: "As you can imagine."

Pardo has occupied many roles within the Mossad, including deputy to the outgoing director Meir Dagan.

Most recently, he has been working for industry within the private sector.

Pardo served in an elite military unit with Netanyahu's late older brother Yoni and is a friend of the family.

His predecessor Dagan served as Mossad chief for more than eight years.

His term was repeatedly extended for what was deemed "exceptional success."

During his tenure, foreign reports have said the Mossad was behind an airstrike on a Syrian nuclear installation and the assassination of a Hezbollah leader. AP