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Nine killed in China's abandoned mine

IANS 29 Jun 2015, 7:11:46 IST

Beijing: Nine people died after they sneaked into and got trapped in an abandoned coal mine in China's Fujian province, authorities said.

Rescuers said that 12 people entered a closed mine in Yongding district's Longyan city on Saturday to dig coal. Nine entered first. When the rest three went down to the well, they smelled strong odour and came back. They called the police when the first nine did not return, Xinhua reported.

Rescuers were sent to the mine but a high concentration of carbon monoxide slowed the process.

The rescuers found the nine bodies on Sunday.

A man surnamed Shen is suspected of organising the 12-member theft team, and he has been arrested, the Yongding government said.