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Obama Backs Chicago's Bid For 2016 Olympics

PTI 26 Sep 2009, 9:40:34 AM IST

US President Barack Obama on Wednesday backed his hometown Chicago's bid to host the 2016 Olympic Games saying that  the whole country was rooting for Chicago. 

If Chicago wins its bid, Obama said,  the city "will make America proud and America will make the world proud."

Obama held an Olympic event at the White House, along with Olympic athletes and Mayor Richard Daley.

The International Olympic Committee will choose a host city in Copenhagen during an Oct. 2 meeting in Denmark. First lady Michelle Obama will attend the meeting.

Chicago Mayor Daley said, four cities Chicaco, Rio De Janeiro, Tokyo and Madrid were in the running. "I think we're all there," he said. "I think Tokyo is there, I think Madrid's there, and Rio de Janeiro--I think we're all even. You cannot underestimate any of the other cities or countries that are bidding for this."

Meanwhile, U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush D-Ill. announced he will host a reception for Africa's ambassadors to the U.S. to back up Chicago's bid. 

He urged African students in Chicago to tout the city's virtues to their governments.