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Oz Police Re-enact Garg's Final Movements; Release CCTV Footage

PTI 24 Jan 2010, 11:50:07 IST

Struggling to get some strong leads in the murder case of 21-year-old Indian student Nitin Garg, Australian police have re-enacted final movements of his life and also released CCTV footage of his arrival at a train station shortly before he was stabbed to death by unidentified assailants in Melbourne.

According to police statement, an information caravan was put up across the road from the Hungry Jack's restaurant in West Footscray, where Garg managed to walk after being stabbed at nearby Cruickshank Park on January 2.

Police also released closed-circuit television footage of Garg's arrival at Yarraville train station on the night of his murder. It showed him wearing a black and white striped hooded jumper.

Detectives met at Yarraville station last night and led a man fitting Garg's description on a re-enactment of his fatal last walk.

"We are hoping doing this helps jog someone's memory of any information from that night," Detective Senior Sergeant Dave Snare said.

"Anyone who may have seen (Garg) or been in the park from about 9.30 to 10 pm on that night, we are asking to come forward even if you think your information may be minor."

As part of the re-enactment, the group walked from Yarraville station up Anderson Street, turning left on to Severn Street and right on to Austin Crescent East, where they went through Cruickshank Park and across Somerville Road to Hungry Jack's restaurant, where Garg worked part-time.

"Someone in the community knows who has committed this horrendous crime," Senior Sergeant Snare said.

 Nearly 100 cases of attacks on Indians, mostly students, were reported in Australia in 2009.

Garg was the first victim of such attacks this year. He was also the first reported fatality. PTI