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Pak Parliament turns into boxing ring

PTI 02 Jun 2012, 14:43:40 IST
Islamabad, Jun 2:  Pakistani opposition lawmakers and members of the treasury benches on Friday engaged in fisticuffs as finance minister Abdul Hafeez Shaikh presented the government's new budget in parliament amidst uproar.

Members of the main opposition PML-N, who were protesting against power cuts and corruption during Shaikh's speech, scuffled with lawmakers of the ruling Pakistan People's Party in the National Assembly or lower house of parliament.

After a tense seven month stand-off, Pakistan has allowed two US military liaison officers back on its turf, a move largely seen as a small but "significant" sign of cooperation.

Denying reports that US trainers are back in Pakistan, the Pentagon clarified that it was two liaison officers, who had returned for coordination purposes.