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Pakistan demands more details about Abu Jundal

PTI 30 Jun 2012, 7:29:02 IST
Islamabad, Jun 30: Pakistan Interior Ministry chief Rehman Malik on friday called on India to provide more details about 26/11 key handler Abu Jundal and said criminals using “fake” passports cannot be Pakistani. 

“Pakistan expects to receive a copy of the statement of (Jundal). I expect to have original passport claimed to have been allegedly given by (Pakistan),” Malik wrote in a message posted on Twitter late tonight.

Indian authorities have said that Ansari alias Abu Jundal - who is an Indian citizen - had travelled to Saudi Arabia on a Pakistani passport.

In recent interactions with the media, Malik has questioned whether the passport used by Ansari was genuine.  

In another message posted on Twitter, Malik noted that “India had claimed earlier that (Jundal) had a Pakistani passport”.

He said criminals using “fake” passports “cannot be Pakistani”.

In yet another message, Malik said Pakistan “will continue to fully cooperate (with) India in the investigation of (Mumbai) terrorist attack. Pak and India need to identify their real enemy.”

The two countries “need to know their real common enemy”, he said.

He also raised questions about Pakistan-American terror suspect David Headley, asking “who funded him to produce movies of locations” in Mumbai.

On Wednesday, Malik had launched a stunning tirade against India's investigation of recent terror attacks and claimed Jundal could have been behind a “sting operation” to launch the Mumbai attacks from Pakistani soil.  

He dismissed assertions by Indian Home Minister P Chidambaram that Pakistani state and non-state actors were involved in the Mumbai attacks and stoutly defended the Inter-Services Intelligence as an “elite agency”.  

He said: “We are proud of our ISI, which is defending Pakistan.”