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Pakistan summons Afghan envoy over border attacks

IANS 02 Aug 2014, 12:33:15 PM IST
Islamabad: Pakistan has summoned Afghanistan's charge d'affaires over another cross-border attack by terrorists, officials said.

Pakistan's Foreign Ministry said a soldier was killed during a sniper attack from the Afghan side of the border on a Pakistani military post near Ghakhai Pass in Bajaur Agency.

"It was stressed to the charge d'affaires that the Afghan authorities must take concrete action to stop such incidents and prevent the recurrence of cross-border fire and physical attacks by terrorists operating from Afghan territory," a Foreign Ministry statement said.

Pakistan said it is the second attack on its border post this week.

The Foreign Ministry said nearly 80 terrorists were involved in a cross-border attack on Pakistan military posts in Upper Dir, bordering Afghanistan, late on Tuesday.

Cross-border attacks have once again increased tensions between the two countries.

Afghan officials had on Friday said around 60 rockets were fired into eastern Kunar province from Pakistan since Thursday. They said the rockers injured four girls and also forced people to leave homes in parts of the border region.

Pakistan said leaders of the Pakistan Taliban have crossed into Afghanistan and routinely carried out attacks on its border posts.

Kabul also insisted that Afghan Taliban and the Haqqani Network are using Pakistani soil for cross-border attacks.