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Phantom Doc Gropes Female Patients, Then Vanishes

PTI 07 Dec 2010, 13:38:32 IST
Mumbai Mirror has reported the strange case of a phantom doctor  who visits the female word only at night in Ulhasnagar's Central Hospital  and after groping some patients, vanishes.  

Several female patients in the 200-bed hospital have complained of being woken up in the middle of the night and being groped by the stethoscope wielding man in the ruse of an examination.

Despite the hospital authority's attempts at catching the man red-handed, he has managed to give them the slip so far.

“For over a week now we have been receiving complaints from the female wards about an unknown doctor disturbing them at night,” said Janardhan Nimbhore, resident medical officer, Central Hospital, Ulhasnagar.

“This doctor visits the wards between 12 am to 3 am when the female patients are fast asleep. He is well-dressed, has short, neatly-cropped hair, wears spectacles and carries two mobile phones. He also carries a stethoscope,” said Nimbhore.

A patient in one of the affected wards confirmed the developments. “In fact only last night there was chaos at midnight as a man who looked like a doctor misbehaved with a patient and ran away,” she said.

The phantom doctor strikes at a time when none of the hospital doctors are doing their rounds, clarified the resident medical officer, adding that house doctors finish their rounds well before midnight.

The hospital had twice set up traps for the intruder, but he managed to disappear before the guards could reach the spot. “As it is a female ward the hospital does not have any CCTV cameras in the three wards where he has struck so far. But we have now decided to install cameras at the doors of these wards,” said Nimbhore.

“The hospital has requested for five female constables and some armed police men,” said an officer from Ulhasnagar's Central police station, adding, “From Monday we will deploy our officers in the female wards at night. We hope to be able to catch the culprit soon.”