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'Philae Lander': A huge leap for mankind!

India TV News Desk 13 Nov 2014, 17:20:58 PM IST
India TV News Desk

Rossetta, the spaceship carrying 'Philae Lander' reached 'Comet 67P' after its launch on 2 march 2004 by the European Space Agency.

This space craft about the size of the washing machine took almost a decade to cover 300 million miles something that has never been covered by any spaceship until now.

It involves quite a work to calculate the movement of a comet, which is traveling at a speed of 34,000 mile per hour, and to chase it down, finally landing on it is in itself a remarkable feat.

After 3 unsuccessful attempts at landing due to the dysfunction of harpoons, which were expected to fire & tether 'Philae' to the comet's surface, scientist became apprehensive of its fate,later it landed safely.

Philae Lander is equipped with sensors and a British shoe box machine (Ptolmey) that would study the comet surface & sub-surface and would also help in discovering the origin of comets, their link to the creation of planets.

 Scientists are optimistic about this mission they hope that this 1 billion euro project will help in solving some of greatest mysteries about universe including the origin of life on earth.

"This is the most difficult landing in space history, like landing a balloon in a city centre on a windy day with your eyes closed", said Matthew Genge, a senior lecturer in Earth and Planetary science at Imperial College London.