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Russia Customs Seizes Pakistan Bound Military Spares

PTI 15 Aug 2011, 8:13:41 IST

Moscow, Aug 14 :  Eleven containers of military spares allegedly being smuggled to Pakistan as metal scrap have been seized by Russian customs authorities, according to reports.  The consignment of 11 twenty feet containers, which was to be shipped to Pakistan by sea through a company based in a ‘North European' country, were seized in the Baltic exclave of Kaliningrad.

“A local company had declared the consignment for export as iron scrap but we had input through our channels that there was something else in the containers,” a customs official was quoted as saying by Voice of Russia radio.  In the course of thorough checking, military spares and aggregates in original factory packing meant for long storage were found hidden below the metal scrap.

Two cases have been registered under Administrative Penal Code and a thorough investigation is underway, the customs official said. PTI