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Several NRIs Outsourcing Murder To India, Says Report

PTI 29 Sep 2009, 3:04:17 IST

In a development that may explain the disappearance of several Britons of Indian origin during visits to India, an investigation report on BBC says British Asians have been hiring killers in India to target their friends and family.

Reflecting the globalisation of the practice of 'supari' (contract killing), the investigation has revealed that nearly 100 Britons of Indian origin may have fallen victims to such murders every year.

The Scotland Yard and the Foreign Office are aware of the practice. The targets reportedly include women killed for family honour or prosperous businessmen for money.

Most murders take place in Punjab, the investigation reported on the BBC Asian Network, titled 'Passport to Murder', revealed.

It said that family or business associates were lured to the sub-continent, where contract killers can be reportedly hired for 500 pounds.

Britain-born Jassi Khangura, a member of the Punjab Legislative Assembly, has investigated the trend which he believes claims the lives of between 50 and 100 overseas Indians every year.

He said most of the killings are carried out in Punjab and alleged police corruption and bureaucratic or legal loopholes mean the perpetrators are seldom tried. PTI