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Miraculous save: China boy run over by a car, survived uninjured

India TV News Desk 24 Aug 2014, 22:59:34 PM IST
India TV News Desk
Jining, China: A 6-year-old boy survived after being run over by a careless driver in Jining City, east China's Shandong Province on Wednesday.

At around 10:51, the boy was playing Lego at the side of a driveway and a red SUV drove over him.

Unexpectedly, the boy stood up and ran over to the other side of the street after being run over by the car.

After the accident, the boy was sent to hospital, with only some scratches on his face and legs, and no major injury .

The family saw the scene which caught by the surveillance camera and said they were all so terrified if anything would have happened to him.

"I cried after saw the video. He was so lucky to have survived," said the grandpa.

The traffic police explained the reason why he luckily survived.

"First, he was really small. Secondly, the chassis of the car is quite high. Last but not least, the boy was between two wheels. Therefore, he came out safe without getting hurt," said Xu Liyan, a traffic policeman in Jining.