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OMG Facts: A wooly ship-pig & Nokia toilet paper? Did you know these before?

India TV News Desk 03 January 2015, 11:29
India TV News Desk

Life is all about learning and you learn something new everyday that makes you more knowledgeable, sensible, and mature.

But sometimes, we come across such unbelievable facts that really leave us thinking how could this be ever possible or how come we never got to know of such things.

This excitement of knowing amazing, out-of-the box, never seen or heard before things is totally unbeatable.

Here we have jotted down five unbelievable facts that might surprise you, scare you or make you more knowledgeable. Take a look.


Mangalitsa – the sheep-pig

You must have heard about Wooly Mammoth, but did you ever wonder if there is actually such a thing as a wooly pig?

Yes they exist, the species is Mangalitsa.

These pigs look like sheep, when seen from a distance, and it's only when you hear their growl and spot their snouts, that you realize they're actually pigs.

Commonly known as sheep-pig, these strange breed of pigs is on the verge of extinction.


Nokia – The toilet paper company

Shocked to hear that? But it's true that Nokia was once famous as a toilet paper company.

When the company bet its future on mobile phones back in the late 1980's, that move was seen as very radical.

But in 20 years, Nokia has transformed itself from being a manufacturer of toilet paper to a leader in the cut-throat world of global telecommunications.


Taj Mahal is not a Wonder!

You might not know but Taj Mahal was never included in the original list of Seven Wonders of the World, as widely assumed by the people of India.

However, it is now listed in New Seven Wonders of the World, a popularity poll (2000-2007) organized by the New7Wonders Foundation based in Zurich.


Kangaroos flex muscles to woo mate!

So what you think? Only human males show off their muscles or biceps to woo or attract their female friends, crushes or love interests.

According to a study, a male kangaroo's forearm size could be a sexually selected trait and help them find a mate. Actually, they frequently adopt poses to show off their muscly arms to females..!

Buck up guys!


Botulinum Toxin- 100nanogram can kill you

Botulinum Toxin is the deadliest known toxin to humankind, with no known antidote discovered.

Its 100 nanogram is enough to kill a full grown man. Or, 1 kg (2 pounds) would be sufficient to eliminate the ‘human race' from the face of the world.