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Siblings warned people at Gurdwara of rampaging gunman

PTI 10 Aug 2012, 20:53:52 IST
Oak Creek (Wisconsin), Aug 10: Two young siblings have emerged as unlikely heroes by saving many lives at their Gurdwara here after they warned people inside the shrine of a rampaging gunman.

Abhay Singh, 11, and his sister, Amanat, 9, were sitting outside the Gurdwara Sunday morning when the 40-year-old ex-armyman Wade Michael Page, first opened fire on two people.  

“We ran as fast as we could inside to warn everybody in the kitchen and everybody else there is a man outside with a gun,” Abhay was quoted by CNN as saying.  “We were a little bit scared,” he added.

The children said they hid with others in a pantry after sounding the alarm.

Their mother, Kanwal Singh, and father had told them to stay inside while they went to a store to get supplies for a meal at the Gurdwara. But the children said the inside was hot.

The horrified parents could not immediately reach the children.

“We were worried and praying like hopefully we will see them again,” Kanwal Singh said.

Sunday's shooting at the Gurdwara killed six people and injured three, including a police officer.