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Brave Sikhs set up langar in ISIS territory to serve Yazidis

India TV News Desk 07 Oct 2015, 15:20:41 IST
India TV News Desk

Chandigarh: Sikh community is famous both for their large heartedness and courage. Tthe latest news is perfectly in sync with the popular perception. A group of Punjabi NRIs have organised a langar at one of the most dangerous places on earth today—Syria.

Langar Aid, an extension of UK-based NGO Khalsa Aid, is collaborating with Syrian locals to provide fresh bread to nearly around 14000 refugess in the strife torn region for several months, the Times of India reported.

Instead of the classic kitchen, Langar Aid set up bakery because Islamic State fighters were destroying any food coming in for the Yazidis.

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Almost 70% of the members of Langar Aid are with Punjabi roots, besides some European volunteers as well.

"Refugees often mistake us for IS because of our appearance but that not deterred this unique force. " said Ravi Singh, CEO of Khalsa Aid.

“I was there about two months back and it was a very overwhelming experience. It was poignant to meet a family that had fled from their homes with their 10-monthold child and they were pleasantly surprised to find aid in the middle of nowhere,” Singh added.

On the other side of Syria, on the Lebanon-Syrian border, the organization is helping refugees by running a school for 5,000 local children. "The idea is to take the langar outside the walls of the gurdwara and share food with people who need it the most," added Hothi.