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Sushma Swaraj prays for Bangladesh, India prosperity at Dhaka temple

India TV News Desk 27 Jun 2014, 11:48:58 AM IST
India TV News Desk
Dhaka: External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj today visited the well-known Dhakeshwari temple here saying it had capped a “successful” visit to Bangladesh.  

“I prayed for prosperity of both India and Bangladesh,” she told Hindu community leaders and devotees after offering the puja at the centuries old temple at the old part of Dhaka as part of her private schedule.

Swaraj said she had decided to the visit the temple while schedule for her Bangladesh tour were being prepared and “now after offering the puja, I think my tour is completed and successful”.

Bangladesh Puja Udjapan Parishad president Kajal Debnath told PTI that Swaraj was given a replica of the temple along with a saree as a gift from the temple authority while Hindu women worshippers and community leaders welcomed her with flowers.

Foreign Secretary Sujatha Singh and High Commissioner Pankaj Saran accompanied Swaraj during her 30-minute stay at the temple.

Dhakeshwari means “Goddess of Dhaka” and the temple is known to be the most important Hindu place of worship, earning it the status of Bangladesh's ‘national temple'.  It was built by Sena dynasty king Ballal Sen in the 12th century.