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Islamic State may launch drone attack on Nuclear Stations, warns Security Think-tank

India TV News Desk 11 Jan 2016, 13:08:12 IST
India TV News Desk

London: Islamic State terrorists may turn commercially available drones into a flying bomb to target nuclear power stations, major events like the G7 summit or British Prime Minister's car, according to a report.

Drones that can be bought in High Street shops in UK or on internet can be converted into flying bombs capable of hitting targets such as nuclear power stations or British Prime  Minsiter's car, The Guardian quoted a report by a Oxford Research Group.

“Islamic State [Isis] is reportedly obsessed with launching a synchronised multi-drone attack on large numbers of people in order to recreate the horrors of 9/11,” the study report warns.

The report points out that Isis is already using drones for reconnaissance in Iraq and Syria.

The report also cited recent examples where unauthorised were used.

The study analysed more than 200 drones available to buy on the high street or on the internet and warns many are capable of being converted to deliver an effective airborne improvised explosive devices, The Guardian reported.

“The UK government, police, military and security services will need to introduce countermeasures to reduce or mitigate the risk of commercially available drones being used for attack,” the security think tank warned

The report recommends a licensing system for drones, using lasers and radio jammers to defend potential targets and issuing guidelines to the security forces on when to shoot down drones.