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To boost ties, Narendra Modi presents advanced chopper to Nepal

PTI 25 Nov 2014, 20:13:02 PM IST

Kathmandu: Showing India's commitment to strengthening ties, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday handed over to Nepal an Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) which will be used for military operations.

“This will add to Nepal's shield of protection,” Modi said.

The Dhruv Mark 3 is manufactured by state-owned aerospace and defence company Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.

The Mark-3 is the latest version of the original Dhruv helicopter and comes equipped with Shakti engines, new electronic warfare (EW) suite and warning systems, automatic chaff and flare dispensers and improved vibration control system.

The helicopter, which can cost anywhere between Rs 60-80 crore, is currently exported to at least three other countries, including the Maldives and Ecuador.