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Top 5 cities known for crazy nightlife

India TV News Desk 14 Jan 2015, 11:24:17 AM IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: ‘Night Life' is fast growing concept all around the world. It helps in getting rid of the stress that everybody faces in the moder era's hectic life. Night life begins with the fall of dusk and ends with the advent of dawn. It is generally associated with entertainment, lively streets, bright window displays, and neon signs.

Amid  live music bands and trendy lounges , party animals enjoy commotion the whole night. The combination of glamour and booze create an ambiance that one cannot resist. It makes a person forget all tension that he went through the entire day.

Here we are compiling a list of top 5 cities that are famous for their crazy nightlives:

New York City:


New York City is  the most expensive city in America. If you want to dance the night away, head out to one of New York's many clubs.  The city has provisions that even 16 year olds can get into some of these hot spots, at least on certain nights. The city has some of the most world class   sports bars to supper clubs to dance halls with VIP rooms, there are plenty of places in New York for visitors to  find a soft comfy place to sit, drink, and listen to music.