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Top 5 most beautiful skiing sites in the world

India TV News Desk 16 Jan 2015, 12:13:17 PM IST
India TV News Desk

The winter chill brings along with it an urge for adventure. This season can leave you with two options –You can either sit at home and wait for what you'd call, “gloom” of winter to fade away or you can make the most of it by braving the chill and planning out a vacation that will leave a lifetime impression.  Winter is all about thrill, excitement, adventure and skiing.
Gliding effortlessly amongst some of the world's most serene and picturesque landscapes is a feast to the eyes and antidotes for the muscles.

Skiing is now not just a competitive sport but recreational activity topped with health benefits. It can boost your immunity, tone your stomach muscles, make you lose five pounds weight in a week and even relieve depression.


People have invented ways to ski on all kinds of terrain, from alpine and langlauf (cross country), to heli-skiing, ski jump and grass skiing.
Here are top 5 destinations where you could plan your winter vacation and enjoy stupendous skiing: