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UFO named WT1190F to crash into Indian Ocean this November

India TV News Desk 28 Oct 2015, 19:06:23 IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: A small piece measured approximately 2m long is expected to crash into India Ocean on November 13, according to astronomers.  The object has been dubbed as 'WT1190F'.

The project 'Catalina Sky Survey', intended to provide early warning of comets and asteroids, discovered WT1190F earlier in the month.

The object was first spotted in February 2013 and then it was lost. It was later rediscovered earlier this month.

The astronomers are putting all their efforts to identify the potentially dangerous space object.

Scientists have suspected that it could be a piece of old junk. It will run towards the earth on 40 miles (65km) off the southern tip of Sri Lanka in early morning on November 13, claimed by international weekly journal of science 'nature.com'. If it fails to fall in Indian Ocean then it will probably burn in the atmosphere.

There is lot of man-made junk, left pieces of rockets in the sky but WT1190F will be the first ever unknown object to be crashed on earth.

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