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UK Begins Probe Into Prince Charles' Security Lapses

PTI 11 Dec 2010, 9:31:41 IST
London:  As the British police launched a high-level probe into the security lapses leading to the violence against Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, Prime Minister David Cameron today said those responsible for it "must feel the full force of the law".Cameron said lessons must be learnt from a security lapse which allowed students protesters to attack Prince Charles' Rolls-Royce car yesterday.

"Those responsible for the violence at yesterday's student protest must feel the full force of the law," Cameron said.He said there were quite a number of people who clearly were there "wanting to pursue violence".

"Although we are not able to comment on any of the specifics of last night's incident, their royal highnesses totally understand the difficulties which the police face and are always very grateful to the police for the job they do in often very challenging circumstances," a spokesman said.Prince Charles, whose car window was smashed as he and Camilla headed to a theater, said he "totally understood" the difficulties police faced.

The Metropolitan Police Commissioner Paul Stephenson said a "very full and detailed criminal inquiry into how that attack happened" would take place.In the House of Commons, MPs pushed through plans to raise the maximum tuition fee level from 3,000 pounds to 9,000 pounds per annum.But 21 Liberal Democrats voted against the proposals, slashing the government's majority.

Business Secretary Vince Cable said the Liberal Democrats are still "united" despite the rebellion.With regard to the violence yesterday, Stephenson said the royal route was cleared in advance.There were angry clashes as protesters - some throwing missiles - fought to break through police lines.

He said the royal attack was shocking and the couple should be commended for their fortitude.He also said the route was "thoroughly recced" in advance, including several minutes beforehand, and that his officers had shown "commendable restraint"."The unpredictability of the thugs and how they moved about the capital meant that the protection officers were placed in a very difficult position," Stephenson said.

He said it was a thoroughly disgraceful incident and "there will be a very full and detailed criminal inquiry into how that attack happened."Students have criticised police tactics - particularly of holding demonstrators in a small area, known as "kittling" and said police provoked the situation.

The Independent Police Complaints commission is investigating a claim that 20-year-old Middlesex University philosophy student Alfie Meadows was left with serious head injuries after being hit on the head with a police truncheon at the demonstration.PTI