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UK newspapers avoid publishing Prince Harry's naked photos

India TV News Desk 23 Aug 2012, 18:46:43 IST
India TV News Desk
London, Aug 23: The prince has no clothes -- but British newspapers aren't running the pictures.

The country's scandal-loving tabloids devoted many pages Thursday to the story of Prince Harry's naked romp in a Las Vegas hotel suite. But all heeded a warning from royal officials that printing the images -- already seen by millions on the Internet -- would infringe on the prince's privacy.

Some media-watchers say a high-profile public inquiry into phone-hacking and other tabloid wrongdoing had tamed Britain's once-rambunctious press.

Former tabloid editor Neil Wallis said fallout from the hacking scandal had left newspapers "terrified of their own shadow."

The Sun tabloid came up with a creative solution to the photo problem for Thursday's edition, getting a staff member named Harry to recreate the naked pose on its front page.