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UN chief hails new government in Yemen

IANS 08 Nov 2014, 10:58:56 AM IST

United Nations: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Friday welcomed the announcement of the formation of a new government in Yemen, saying that the "announcement is a positive step towards political stability and peace in the country".

"The secretary-general welcomes today's announcement of the formation of the new Peace and National Partnership Government in Yemen," Xinhua quoted a statement issued here late Friday by Ban's spokesperson as saying.

"At this uncertain and fragile time for Yemen, today's announcement is a positive step towards political stability and peace in the country," it added.

Earlier Friday, Yemen, the Gulf of Aden country locked in political turmoil due to clashes between rival factions, announced the formation of the new government after weeks of unsuccessful attempts.

Key players, including the Houthi rebels, had signed an agreement last Saturday, mandating the president and prime minister to form the new government.

Five women are in the cabinet, which will be led by Prime Minister Khaled Bahhah, a former diplomat, reports said.

The secretary-general congratulated President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi and the prime minister for their leadership during this process, said the statement. "The secretary-general commends the parties for their pledge to accept the slate decided on by the president and prime minister, and to extend their unwavering support to the new government."

"The secretary-general reminds the parties of the political commitments they made in signing the Peace and National Partnership Agreement," the statement said.

Under the UN-sponsored accord signed last month, the Houthis were to withdraw from Sana'a and disarm once a neutral prime minister was named.

"Yemen is facing enormous challenges at present, which can only be overcome if all sides work together in the greater national interest to implement the Agreement without delay, " said the statement.

"The United Nations looks forward to continuing its engagement with the president, the prime minister, the government and all Yemenis leaders as they seek to build a new democratic Yemen that responds to the legitimate aspirations of its people," the statement added.