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UN chief welcomes transition process in Burkina Faso

IANS 12 Nov 2014, 6:49:17 AM IST

United Nations: The UN chief Ban Ki-moon welcomed the discussions on Burkina Faso's transition process and encouraged parties to reach a final agreement, a UN spokesperson said Tuesday.

"The secretary-general continues to follow closely the situation in Burkina Faso. He welcomes the ongoing discussions on the modalities of the transition process. He encourages all Burkinabe stakeholders to finalize this document as soon as possible," Xinhua quoted Farhan Haq as saying at a regular briefing here.

The head of African Union(AU), Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz arrived Monday in the capital Ouagadougou for talks on Burkina Faso's political transition following resignation of veteran president Blaise Compaore.

Compaore was forced to resign Oct 31 after 27 years in power as angry citizens took to the streets in protest against his attempt to amend the constitution again to entrench himself in power.

The military then appointed Lieutenant Colonel Zida as provisional head of state, prompting a new wave of demonstrations to demand for military departure and restoration of civilian rule in Burkina Faso.

Last week, the political parties in Burkina Faso agreed that the civilian-led transition should last a year, followed by democratic elections in November 2015.