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First US drone strike this year kills 4 militants in Pakistan

PTI 11 Jun 2014, 23:27:11 PM IST
Peshawar: At least 4 militants were killed today in US' first drone strike in Pakistan this year and a high value target may be among the fatalities in the attack in the country's restive tribal region.

Two missiles were fired on a house in Ghulam Khan Tehsil in North Waziristan, Dawn News reported citing intelligence sources.

It quoted the sources as saying that a high value target may be among the fatalities.

The last drone attack occurred in Pakistan in the last week of December, 2013, killing three insurgents.  The drone strikes had been temporarily halted since then to provide the Pakistani government a chance to have talks with the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) aimed at ending their seven-year insurgency.

The Pakistan government has criticised drone strikes as a violation of sovereignty and counter-productive to anti-terror efforts.

The strike came as Pakistani Taliban confirmed that Uzbek militants took part in the deadly assault on Karachi's international airport that killed at least 39 people.  Ten Uzbek militants entered the Jinnah International Airport on Sunday night from different directions in two groups, resulting in a bloody standoff lasting for about 13 hours.