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World must recognise threat of terrorism: Bashar al-Assad

IANS November 21, 2014 6:19 IST

Damascus: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has said that international acknowledgment of the threats of terrorism is one of the factors determining the future of the region.

Addressing the members of the ruling Al Baath Party on Thursday, Assad said that the region is going through a "critical juncture”, Xinhua reported, citing the official SANA news agency.

He noted that the Syrian army would keep confronting the terrorist groups and would strive to achieve national reconciliation.

Assad stressed that any international effort that aims to solve Syria's crisis must help to reinforce national reconciliation and also help to stop the flow of support, in the form of funds and weapons, to the terrorists in Syria.

"IS has not emerged out of thin air,” said Assad.

For this, he blamed “wrong-headed policies by the parties involved in the war against Syria that have supported, armed and funded terrorist organisations to undermine Syria".

Damascus has for long, accused Turkey and the Gulf states of supporting the radical groups in Syria throughout the crisis.

It also slams the West's stance on Syria and its policies of dealing with the prolonged crisis in the war-torn country.