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VIDEO: Watch this 'Rocket Powered Bicycle' go over 200MPH in just 5 secs!

India TV News Desk 13 Nov 2014, 11:23:20 AM IST
India TV News Desk

Speed thrills.... and hell it thrills a lot!

What if we say a bicycle can easily speed over 200 MPH in just five seconds?

OMG! You surely just didn't believe that did you? That jaw-dropping expression on your face tells us all!

FYI, Swiss cyclist Francois Gissy has actually broken the world record by traveling 204 MPH on a rocket-powered bicycle. The enthusiastic speedster has now claimed for the world record title of the fastest cyclist.

This epic video of his race, beating car (Ferrari) with a boost from a rocket engine, has gone viral with over 5 million views!

The view when a Ferrari racing the rocket powered bike is left far behind within seconds of leaving the starting line will leave you completely flabbergasted.

Describing his experience Gissy said, "In the moment, it is scary, but as soon as you stop, you also realize how amazing that was."

Wow! So after Dhoom series, now we have the real speedster Francois Gissy who can leave behind any damn Ferrari with his speed.

Have the adventurous ride...