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7 decisions by Yogi Adityanath on day 1 as new UP CM

India TV Politics Desk Lucknow 21 Mar 2017, 14:06:12
India TV Politics Desk

On his first day in office after taking oath as the new Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath pledged to work for all sections of society without discrimination, saying he will strongly implement Prime Minister Narendra Modi's slogan of 'sabka saath sabka vikas'.

The firebrand leader, who now heads a 47-member Cabinet in the country’s most populous state, presided over a meeting of top bureaucrats in Lucknow and asked them to prepare a roadmap for good governance and also to fulfil the promises made by the BJP in its manifesto. 

Here is a list of some decisions taken by the 21st Chief Minister of UP on his first day in office: 

1.    On the very day, the CM implemented the BJP’s promise of cracking down on illegal slaughterhouses. Two slaughterhouses -- Rambagh and Atala slaughterhouses (both in Allahabad) were sealed. Also in Dasna, which falls in Ghaziabad district, one slaughterhouse was reported locked. 

2.    At his maiden meeting with top bureaucrats, the new CM asked policemen to ensure that law and order situation in the state improved within a week. 

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3.    Cracking down on the VIP culture in the state, the CM ordered that no minister in the state will be allowed to use the red beacons atop vehicles. A similar move was approved by Punjab CM Amarinder Singh after he took oath as CM.

4.    Yogi Adityanath handed officials attending the meeting with the BJP’s vision document -- Sankalp Patra -- for the 2017 state assembly elections and asked them to study the document and ensure its speedy and complete implementation. Programmes rolled out by various departments of the state government must be in tune with the party’s vision document, the new UP CM said.  

5.    He also directed senior administrative and police officers to effectively monitor social media for timely police intervention in incidents that could disrupt communal harmony in the state. He also appealed to all officials to change their outlook towards treating women and sought zero tolerance in matters related to women’s security. 

6.    Yogi Adityanath also discontinued services of all advisers, vice-chairmen and chairmen appointed by the previous SP government in different departments and corporations. These advisers enjoyed unbridled powers, sometimes equivalent to that of a minister. 

7.    Referring to the killing of a BSP leader in Allahabad, the CM asked directed DGP Javeed Ahmed to bring the culprits to book and also prepare a blueprint for restoring law and order control in the state within 15 days. He also called for an end to political intervention in matters related to the police and administration at any level.