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India's freedom defining moment in ending colonialism around the world: PM Modi on 75 years of Quit India Movement

Written by: India TV Politics Desk New Delhi 09 Aug 2017, 12:40:52 PM IST
India TV Politics Desk

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said that the freedom of India wasn't just about India but a defining moment in ending colonialism in other parts of the world. He was addressing the Lok Sabha on the 75th anniversary of the Quit India movement.

The Prime Minister said that the movement had marked rise of a new leadership in the country. Speaking on the floor of the House, he remembered Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi and others who participated in the historic movement in 1942. He also called upon the younger generation to learn from the historical events. “It is important for the younger generation to know about historical events like the Quit India movement,” the PM said.

Terming poverty, lack of education and malnutrition as the greatest challenges, he called for special initiatives to end all such ills in the next five years with the pledge of 'Karenge Aur Kar Ke Rahenge' (We will do and surely do). The Prime Minister said from 2017 to 2022, when India turns 75, there is a need to create the same spirit that existed between 1942 and 1947. 

"In 1942, the clarion call was 'Karenge Ya Marenge' (Do or Die) - today it is 'Karenge Aur Kar Ke Rahenge.' These five years are about 'Sankalp Se Siddhi' (commitment to fulfillment)," the PM said. 

He also asked people to take inspiration from such events and take a pledge to free the country of problems like communalism, casteism and corruption and create a 'new India' by 2022, he 

“Our freedom was not only about our nation. It was a defining moment in ending colonialism in other parts of the world as well,” Modi said.

Modi said poverty, lack of education and malnutrition are the greatest challenges for the nation now. "We need to bring a positive change in this regard," he said. He said the menace of corruption has adversely impacted the development journey of the country. 

Earlier this morning, in a series of tweets, Modi noted that the entire nation had come together under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi with the aim of attaining freedom. "On the 75th anniversary of the historic Quit India movement, we salute all the great women & men who took part in the movement," he wrote. 

"In 1942, the need of the hour was to free India from colonialism. Today, 75 years later the issues are different," the PM added. 

"Let us pledge to free India from poverty, dirt, corruption, terrorism, casteism, communalism & create a 'New India' of our dreams by 2022," he said. 


Giving the slogan of 'sankalp se siddhi' (pledge to achieve), he urged the people to work shoulder to shoulder "to create the India that our freedom fighters would be proud of". 

The Parliament is today holding a special session to mark the 75th anniversary of the Quit India Movement, which later snowballed into enabling India gaining Independence from the British Rule in 1947.