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'Aap suicide mat kijiye': Sushma Swaraj extends helping hand to distraught woman

India TV News Desk New Delhi 31 Mar 2017, 12:01:58 IST
India TV News Desk

External Affairs minister Sushma Swaraj continues to play the role of ‘Agony Aunt’ by giving a patient hearing to everybody who approaches her with his/her set of problems.

Sushma has not lost her patience despite the fact that she faced absurd requests in the past like help for repairing refrigerators, sorting out issues with spouses etc. 

On Thursday, a distraught woman sought Sushma Swaraj’s help saying her husband lives in New Zealand and her request for visa to New Zealand was rejected thrice by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).

“Please help me for my visa. Mere ko suicide krna parega kya.apni baat aap taak paguchane ko (Will I have to commit suicide for conveying my message to you),” the woman named Jyoti S Pande tweeted while tagging Sushma Swaraj.

Responding to Jyoti Pandey’s tweet, Sushma asked her not to commit suicide and share her problem.

“Aap suicide mat kijiye. Apni baat batayiye. (Don’t commit suicide. Tell me your problem),” Sushma responded.

A helpful Sushma Swaraj asked Jyoti to meet her and send a copy of her visa application to her office.

Not only that, Sushma Swaraj also exchanged email IDs with the distraught woman.

Jyotii Pande, overwhelmed with Sushma Swaraj’s response,  thanked the External Affairs Minister for her gesture.

"May God bless you with all the happiness in the world. You listened to me. I thank you from my heart. Please see to my case through its end," Jyoti tweeted.