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Assam polls: Students yearning for a change in state leadership

PTI 02 Apr 2016, 14:14:21 IST

Tezpur: The students here are yearning for a change and wants a Chief Minister like Manik Sarkar of next door neighbour Tripura and Arvind Kejriwal of faraway Delhi, who will work for overall development of the state and welfare of all religions in Assam.

"One thing is sure that we need a change. But we need a change for the better. While BJP is saying they are the change, we are worried over some recent incidents," Tezpur University student Uddipana Goswami told PTI at the campus.

She said students are worried about the entry of RSS in Assam and the "communal divide" among people along with "imposition of nationalism over regionalism".

"Just giving an example. Earlier, we students were not bothered about who is eating what. But now university students talk - he is eating beef, she is eating pork etc. It's dangerous," Uddipana said.

Her classmate Sukanya Majumdar said BJP is campaigning against Tarun Gogoi government's corruption but inducted and given importance to once very powerful Congress Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma.

"Also BJP advertisements are targeted against Tarun Gogoi only. They are not saying what are their plans," she added.

In a different take, Darrang College's Himanka Phukan said it will be a "risk" if BJP comes to power. "But we are ready to take that risk because we want a change. It's a gamble. If BJP does not perform, then we will change them also next time," he said.

Phukan said education sector in the state has not improved compared to other parts of the country during the last 15 years.

His classmate Mayuri Bora said it is not true that there was no development in Assam during three terms of Congress government but people want more as time progresses.

"We are also interested in Rahul Gandhi and what he says. Everyone is talking about development, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But only words will not work. They have to convince us how will they bring development," she added.

Along with the above duo, some other students of Darrang College Bhaswati Saharia, Amrit Barua, Sumit Kumar Bora, Chandan Das, Pradip Biswakarma,

Martin Milton and Uttam Sonar also want a change but are worried about "communally divisive" politics of BJP.