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BJP playing Hindutva card, vitiating environment in West Bengal: Mamata Banerjee

PTI 13 Apr 2016, 19:13:50 PM IST

Nadanghat: Accusing the BJP of vitiating the peaceful environment in West Bengal by playing the Hindutva card, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today cautioned the saffron party against communal politics and said it will not pay them any dividend in her state. 

"BJP is bringing here 'ultra-Hindutvad' from outside to create communal tension and riots as part of its communal politics. We don't want communal tension or riots. We want to stay together in a peaceful environment," Banerjee said at an election rally here near Purbasthali in Burdwan district. 

"People will give a fitting reply to those who are trying to divide Bengal on communal lines by playing the Hindutva card. BJP won't get any chance to create communal tension or riots here," Banerjee said. 

"Delhi is jealous about peace in West Bengal and so is conducting Assembly elections in the state in so many phases. The CPI(M), Congress and BJP never want peace in Bengal," Banerjee said urging people to defeat all of them and caste their votes in favour of Trinamool Congress to take the state forward. 

Slamming the CPI(M)-Congress alliance in Bengal, she said both the parties were suffering from insecurity and were now fighting for their own survival by holding on to each other. 

"Suffering from identity crisis, Congress is now riding on CPI(M)'s back. But, it won't help them improve their position. Also, there won't be any sunrise in Bengal for the Marxists, which had witnessed sunset of their reign at Nandigram," Banerjee said. 

"West Bengal is now in debt trap because of 34-years of misrule by the Leftists. They have finished the state. Now we are paying back huge burden of debts which we have got as a legacy from the erstwhile LF government," she said, adding that her government was carrying on all development works despite fund constraints and Centre's non-cooperation.