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From wife, caste to criminal cases: Top Internet searches on Yogi Adityanath

India TV Politics Desk New Delhi 22 Mar 2017, 15:08:35 IST
India TV Politics Desk

Yogi Adityanath, the firebrand mascot of the hardline Hindutva, became a renowned name across the world on Sunday as he sworn in as the 21st Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. 

While his anointment left many in shock, others in the state erupted in joy following the news. Unexpected as his rise to the post of the Chief Minister of the politically crucial state is, the people’s interest in getting to know more about the leader have also seen a sharp rise. 

People from the state and across India have jumped on to the Internet to get glimpses of the Yogi’s life and his political journey. From his personal life to his criminal record, there is nothing that the people do not want to know about him. 

Be it the social media or search pages, Yogi Adityanath topped the list in all departments since the BJP announced his name as its CM pick. 

Besides his image of a hardliner, people appeared to be more interested in details that have been unknown hitherto.

Here are the top few things people searched about Yogi Adityanath. 

1.    Yogi Adityanath speech:

After Yogi Aditynath was sworn-in as the 21st Chief Minister of UP, people have been eager to know what promises has he made to the people of the state and what his strategies towards the development and betterment of the law and order situation in the state will be. This had formed a major component of the saffron party’s campaign in the state in the run up to the polls. The BJP has claimed that the people in the state have voted it to power for the promise of security, order and development that the party brings to fore.

2.    Yogi Adityanath caste:

The 44-year-old BJP leader originally comes from the Rajput community, but being a Sanyasi and head of the Gorakhnath Math, he is considered above caste. Also, his peeth has followers largely from backward castes, especially Yadavs. While the BJP’s massive win in the state sent all caste based calculations that have historically dominated elections in the state up for a toss, the people do seem interested about his caste background, probably to get a glimpse of the scheme of things to come.

3.    Yogi Adityanath wife:

Becoming a sanyasi at the age of 21, Yogi Adityanath has never married. He, in fact, joined the club of bachelor chief ministers in the country after Trivendra Singh Rawat, 56, (Uttarakhand), M L Khattar, 62,(Haryana), Sarbananda Sonowal, 54, (Assam) and 70-year-old BJD chief Naveen Patnaik (Odisha) in the league of singletons.

4.    Yogi Adityanath criminal cases:

Known for his Hindutva stand, Adityanath has been embroiled in several religious controversies. From attempt to murder to charging Mother Teresa of leading a forced conversion drive to inciting violence and riots, cases against Yogi are aplenty. However, the leader and his party have defended this and termed all such allegations and cases that followed as politically motivated. While many such cases are still going on in court, there are some where even the charges haven’t been framed.