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Got rapists tortured, made them scream for their lives as CM: Uma Bharti

India TV Politics Desk Agra 10 Feb 2017, 14:18:58 PM IST
India TV Politics Desk

Former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh and senior BJP leader Uma Bharti on Tuesday said that she had got rapists tortured during her reign as the CM of Madhya Pradesh in front of the survivors and made them watch so they could have some closure.

Addressing a rally in Agra, Bharti spoke about the increasing number of rapes and sexual assaults on women in the state, while referring to the Bulandshahr gang rape of a woman and her daughter by robbers in August 2016. 

“The rapists should be hung upside down and beaten till their skin comes off. Salt and chilly should be rubbed on their wounds, so that they scream for their lives. That is what I had got done when I was chief minister (of Madhya Pradesh from 2003 to 2004),” she said. 

She further revealed that when a police officer raised objection to such treatment of the culprits, she told him that “people who behave like 'danav' (demons) have no human rights. Their heads should be cut off like Ravana's”. 

Bharti also claimed that she had asked a rape survivor to watch her rapist getting tortured through a lockup window so that she could get some peace. 

This is the latest of the ascetic and senior BJP's leaders numerous controversial statements, including during her tenure as Union minister with the NDA government.

Earlier, Bharti had spoken about the surgical strikes conducted by India and said that those who questioned it must go and live in Pakistan.