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‘Gujarat Congress MLAs are cattle in search of fodder’: Subramanian Swamy

Reported by: PTI Jodhpur 29 Jul 2017, 22:40:55 IST

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy today termed the Gujarat Congress legislators, who have been sent to a resort to fend off 'poaching' attempts by the saffron party ahead of Rajya Sabha polls, as "cattle in need of fodder". "They (Congress legislators) are cattle...they are being taken to a cage. Only BJP can give them the fodder," he told reporters at the Jodhpur Civil Airport when asked about the recent developments in BJP-ruled Gujarat.

The Congress has sent 44 of its legislators to the resort outside Bengaluru. Of the 57 Congress MLAs in the state, six resigned from the party in the last two days with three of them joining the BJP yesterday.

Talking about the India-China military stand-off in the Sikkim section, the BJP leader, who was in the city to attend an event by Rajasthan Patrika, said India needed to harmonise its relations with Beijing.

On being asked about the stepping down of Pakistan prime minister Nawaz Sharif over graft charges, Swamy said the bilateral relation between India and Pakistan will now worsen. "Sharif was a henpecked prime minister and was nothing but a tool for the army and jehadis," he said.

The parliamentarian added that Pakistan should be split into four parts -- Baluchistan, Pakhtunistan, Sindh and West Panjab. "Pakistan will never rectify. It is better to split it into four parts. This is the only solution to the problem with Pakistan," he said.