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Kejriwal's attack on PM Modi over Pak JIT visit shameful: BJP

PTI 05 Apr 2016, 20:52:15 PM IST

New Delhi: BJP today termed as "shameful" Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwals attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his government allowing Pakistans JIT to India on a day his cabinet colleague Kapil Mishra wondered "do we have an ISI agent as PM now?".

Party spokesperson Sambit Patra said the 125 crore people of India will never forgive anyone calling the Prime Minister an ISI agent.

"When Modi is spreading his message against terrorism in the world, we saw that recently in Saudi Arabia, then for an elected representative to say so is shameful and unfortunate," he told reporters.

Such use of words for a Prime Minister for "cheap politics and lust of power" amounted to insult of Indian people, he said.

"What message are you sending to the international community? Whose hands are you strengthening by uttering such kind of words?" Patra asked.

At a press conference, Kejriwal had said Modis "invitation" to Pakistani JIT, which included an ISI official, amounted to giving a "clean chit" to the spy agency for the Pathankot attack and demanded that he tender an "apology" for the "monumental" foreign policy failure.

His colleague Kapil Mishra went a step further tweeting, "Do we have a ISI agent as PM now?? Its very serious the way PM is surrendering to anti India forces?"