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India TV debates nationalism and the politicisation of campuses

India TV Politics Desk New Delhi 28 Feb 2017, 23:56:29 IST
India TV Politics Desk

A year after controversy at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) over alleged anti-national slogans, campuses in the national capital has once again become a focus point of discussion over nationalism.

India TV is conducting a debate on the issue with representatives from different political parties and ideologies.

Here are the highlights: 

* SFI student was beating one of the students on February 22: Nupur Sharma, BJP

* I will continue to defend the rights to speak of Umar Khalid, Arun Jaitley: Nandita Narain, President Delhi University Teachers' Association (DUTA)

* It is wrong to say ABVP does 'gundagardi': Amit Tanwar, President DUSU 

* Dissent and debate is important for campuses: Nandita Narain, President Delhi University Teachers' Association (DUTA)

* Anyone sitting at constitutional position should have a control at their tongue: Rajeev Tyagi, Congress

* It is true that Gurmehar Kaur is being brainwashed: Nupur Sharma, BJP

* People condemning Gurmehar Kaur also have freedom of speech: Nupur Sharma, BJP

* I am not a ABVP spokesperson, I can present BJP's point of view: Sambit Patra, BJP

* If they pelt stones in Jammu and Kashmir, they (opposition) say it is their right to democracy: Sambit Patra, BJP

* Our party does not promote violence, we operate on Gandhian philosophy: Sambit Patra, BJP

* This fight is for freedom of expression: Vivek Ratna, Delhi University professor 

* You can not take the criticism of the govt as criticism of state: Vivek Ratna, Delhi University professor 

* ABVP has a record of resorting to violence in campuses: Walli Ullah Kadri, AISF 

* ABVP wants to fight other ideologies with violence, not with idea: Walli Ullah Kadri, AISF 

* This country will throw out Rahul Gandhi: Sambit Patra, BJP

* Our leaders have give respect to Gurmehar Kaur: Sambit Patra, BJP

* BJP's development is limited to 'shamshan' and 'kabristan': Amrita Dhawan, NSUI

* They (BJP) are talking about nation, they don't even understand democracy: Vivek Ratna, Delhi University professor